Scholarship Program

Right now we do not have sufficient fund to be used as scholarships to support children to attend Engineering For Kids Program. However, perhaps there are companies or other organizations who would wish to contribute to a scholarship fund or to provide a whole program to an under-served school, for example.

As a for profit business, we can not accept donations and still have it be a tax deduction for the person or company donating. A way to make this happen is to utilize the Engineering for Kids Foundation.

A donation can be sent to the Foundation and then used in your local area. The funder would write their check to the Engineering for Kids Foundation and then the Foundation would write a check to the school or student to pay for the program.

If you have money being donated, email and specify who the money will be coming from and who it should be remitted to.

Remit Checks To:

Engineering For Kids Foundation, 1320 Central Park Blvd. #201, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Donations can also be made through this link with PayPal: