Parties Themes

Have fun and learn engineering at one of our birthday parties! Engineering For Kids® parties will entertain your guests with hands-on engineering projects! Invite your friends for a fun, action packed party that is sure to thrill all who attend!


  • Robotics: Gear Up! (Ages 7-14)
  • Spy Sense (Ages 7-14)
  • Baker’s Delight (Ages 4-11)
  • Frozen Kingdom (Ages 4-11)
  • Under Construction (Ages 4-8)
  • Beach Party (Ages 4-7)
  • Customize Your Party

Robotics: Gear Up!

Robotics - Sumobots (60-90 Min Activity) -- Age 7-14

In this activity, party guests build battle robots to push the opponent’s robot outside of the Sumo Ring utilizing various sensors and LEGO® pieces.

This lesson is from the following programs: 
  Robotics - RoboBattles: Sumobots (link) 
  Robotics - Robotics 101: Sumobots (link)

Robo Games: Hungry, Hungry Robots (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 7-14

Based on the classic board game Hungry Hungry Hippos, party guests work together to design and program a robot to gather as many ping pong balls as possible

This lesson is from the program: Robotics - RoboGames: Hungry, Hungry Robots (link)

Robo Battles: Tug of War (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 7-14

Party guests compete to head to head in this fun Tug of War game using robotics. Can you design a robot that is stronger than the other teams? Who will be named the champion?

This lesson is from the following programs:
  Robotics - Robotics 101: Tug of War (link)
  Robotics - RoboBattles: Tug of War (link)
  Robotics - Olympics: Tug of War (link)

Spy Sense

Robotics - Robo Games: Ultrasonic Hide and Seek (60-90 Min Activity) -- Age 7-14

You are a spy for the secret Kelvin Society and there’s a mad scientist who is trying to find you and steal the society’s secrets. Your task is to design a robot that can hide far away from an enemy bot that will try and locate you. Can you successfully elude the enemy?

This lesson is from the program: Robotics - RoboGames: Ultrasonic Hide and Seek (link)

Chemical Engineering - Secret Inkers (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-11

Spies use secret messages to make contact and to share information. In this activity, party guests write their own spy messages and use chemical engineering to uncover the message and discover the secrets found within

Aerospace Engineering: Blimp Blitz (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 7-14

Spies are known for being cunning and stealthy. During the Civil War, hot air balloons were used as spying devices. In this activity, guests build on that idea and design their own spy blimp. Party guests work to make their blimp neutrally buoyant so that it can float at the ideal altitude and spy on the enemy.

Baker’s Delight

Kelvin’s Cookie Company (60-90 Min Activity) -- Age 4-11

Engineering is behind almost everything that we use to make our lives easier, including some of the tastiest treats. In this activity, party guests work as chemical engineers to develop the perfect cookie dough

This lesson is from the program: Junior Chemical Engineering (Crazy Concoctions): Kelvin’s Cookie Company (link)

Junior & Apprentice Industrial Engineering: Ice Cream Factory (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-14

Modern chefs are all about blending the science and art of food. In this activity, party guests become molecular gastronomists and whip up fresh ice cream with science and engineering, not a freezer

Junior Environmental: A Recipe for Soil (30 Min Add-on) -- Age 4-12

Everyone loves a sweet treat, even plants! In this activity, party guests create their own tasty soil. Yum! (Don’t worry. Instead of dirt and rocks, we’ll use pudding and cookies.) Get ready to dig in!

Under Construction

Junior Civil Engineering: Scraping the Sky Part I and Part II (60-90 Min Activity) -- Age 4-8

During this activity, party guests learn how skyscrapers are built and they use that knowledge to construct their very own skyscraper just like a civil engineer

Junior Industrial Engineering: Pulleys (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-8

Having the power to use simple machines as tools to make work easier is a very cool job. In this activity, party guest will work like engineers to use pulleys to construct and operate a pulley delivery system for use in a simulated construction site

Junior Industrial Engineering: Inclined Planes and Levers (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-8

There are everyday tools that are just lying around your house that can be used as a simple machine. Simple machines help to make work easier. Party guests will explore and make their own simple machines

Frozen Kingdom

Junior Chemical Engineering: Frozen Flub (60-90 Min Activity) -- Age 4-11

In this activity, we are going to discover ice powers of our own just like Elsa does in the Disney Movie Frozen. Party guests will combine liquids and a solid to make a polymer: flub. To test our new magical powers, we’ll play a snowman relay race

This lesson is from the program: Junior Chemical Engineering (Crazy Concoctions): Flub (link)

Junior Chemical Engineering: Endothermic and Exothermic (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-11

Having the power to turn water into ice can get you into real trouble; especially if you can’t thaw the ice. In this activity, party guests work like chemical engineers to combine room-temperature materials to create their own instant feeling of winter. Everyone knows that summer makes a happy snowman, so party guests observe a demonstration where the teachers design a recipe for instant summer

This lesson is from the program: Junior Chemical Engineering (Crazy Concoctions): Hot and Cold (link)

Junior & Apprentice Industrial Engineering: Ice Cream Factory (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-14

Turning water to ice is a neat trick but turning milk and cream into ice cream is cool and tasty! In this birthday party activity, party guests will make their own ice cream -- no machine or freezer required

Beach Party

Junior Environmental Engineering: Goin’ Fishin’ (60-90 Min Activity) -- Age 4-7

Have you ever had your feet in the water and felt the fish nibbling at your toes? For this activity, party guests will become environmental engineers and design a net that allows them to safely catch fish but not endangered animals

Junior Environmental Engineering: Save the Beach (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-7

Playing at the beach is a lot of fun. Building sandcastles, body surfing, and searching for seashells are part of what make visiting the beach unique. However, what if the beach wasn’t there? In this activity, party guests try to save the beach from erosion

Junior Marine Engineering: Restore the Reef (30 Min Add-On) -- Age 4-7

Coral reefs surround beaches and are scenes of extreme beauty. During this activity, party guests re-create their own edible coral reef complete with sea urchins, coral, clams, and octopi.

Customize Your Party

In addition to the party themes listed above, you are welcome to customize the birthday party by choosing other lessons from our programs!