Minecraft Engineering

Program ● Technology & Coding ● Grades PK-2

Introduction To MinecraftEdu - Minecraft 1

In our first MinecraftEDU lesson, students begin to explore how to move about these MinecraftEDU educational worlds designed exclusively for Engineering For Kids. Students explore the programming language of LUA as they write programs for their turtle robots to help them throughout their adventures.

Bridging The Gap - Minecraft 1

In this lesson, students find themselves in an area of the world that is surrounded by vast amounts of water. They need to use the resources available to them to build bridges between their islands and then rebuild their community. Students learn about the needs and wants of a community and use their knowledge of Minecraft to build the most important items needed for a city.

Dry Times - Minecraft 2

In this lesson, students find themselves in an area of the world that has very little water and a limited amount of food. To survive, the students plant seeds, harvest wheat, and make bread to survive. Students use their limited water source to design an irrigation system to water their crops thus maximizing their yield.

Everest Escape - Minecraft 2

In this lesson, students have been asleep in a bunker under Mr. Everest for over 200 years. Earth became uninhabitable many years ago and the people of earth left the planet to survive. Students wake and realize they have been left specific instructions that they are to terraform earth to restore the earth’s atmosphere. When complete, the students launch a communications rocket into space to signal mankind that it is safe to return to earth.

Colonizing The Moon - Minecraft 3

In this lesson, students travel to the moon to help start a new colony. They prepare themselves for the trip by gathering things they may need. Once they arrive, the students set off to design a moon base with oxygen collectors, an oxygen distribution system and air locks. When complete, the moon base is ready for future settlers.

Volcanic Eruption - Minecraft 3

In this lesson, the students reside in a village at the base of what they believe is a dormant volcano. Soon they learn that they are no longer safe and that the volcano is ready to explode. They need to gather their belonging and escape to an unexplored area of the world beyond the great barrier to take refuge from the destruction of the volcano.

Turtle Training World - Minecraft 4

In this lesson, students go through some serious turtle robot training where they will use their LUA programming skills to navigate several obstacle courses. Time permitting, they will also have an opportunity to design their very own turtle robot obstacle course.

Mission To Mars - Minecraft 4

In this lesson, students leave earth for the red planet Mars. The students are the first settlers on Mars and need to understand how to survive the harsh conditions that exist on Mars. Students design and build a Mars base complete with a greenhouse to produce oxygen, an oxygen collection and distribution system, and an area where they can perform science experiments.

Build A Castle - Minecraft 5

In this lesson, students will design and build a castle that includes doors and drawbridges operated by Redstone which is Minecraft’s equivalent of electricity. Students will need to fortify their castle to protect them from intruders looking to plunder the King’s gold.

Protect The Village - Minecraft 5

In this lesson, students living in a small coastal village need to design and build traps to capture their pirate enemies lurking about at night. Students learn about sensors and automation and will use those concepts to protect the village.

Rollercoasters - Minecraft 6

In this lesson, students use the force of gravity to design and build a rollercoaster. Students use potential and kinetic energy throughout their designs to ensure the rollercoaster can complete a full loop.

Parkour Challenge - Minecraft 6

In this lesson, students design and build a Parkour Challenge course for their classmates to compete and determine the winner. Student’s use the forces of gravity to challenge each other to win the parkour challenge.