Twisted Fairy Tales

Camp | Grades PK-2

Ever wonder how we got to the Happily Ever After in traditional fairy tales? Students will explore a few fairy tales from different points of view and engage in activities to investigate solutions for each fairy tale’s obstacles. In the Twisted Fairy Tales Camp, we will design a getaway vehicle for the heroine from Kate and the Beanstalk, help The Three Billy Goats Fluff devise a method to cross the bridge quietly and not wake the Troll, and construct an edible reef entirely from candy to protect The Three Little Fish from the Big Bad Shark! Join us as we explore the Engineering of Fairy Tales!

During Twisted Fairy Tales Camp, students will explore a few fairy tales from different points of view and engage in activities to investigate solutions for each fairy tale’s obstacles. Students will explore several different areas of engineering skills. As environmental engineers students will discover the coral reefs and create a model of a food chain. Students will use mechanical engineering skills to design and create different modes of transportation, such as a getaway vehicle for the heroine Kate and a wagon for the princess. Lastly, as civil engineers students will construct a bridge for the Billy Goats to quietly cross and a tower for Rapunzel. Students will engage with engineering concepts using a hands on approach to help better understand the Engineering Design Process.

Swim Away

Today, students will be introduced to a book about three little fish trying to escape from a big, bad shark. Students will explore different types of homes and their ability to keep the little fish safe. Students will also discuss how many sea animals use the coral reef as their home, and they will construct their own model reef from a variety of tasty treats.

Extension: Who Eats Who?

Find out why the fish swam away from the shark! Students will discover the food chain and the importance it has in our environment. They will also identify the role of a producer and a consumer in the food chain. Students will then create their own three level food chain model.

Make Like a Tree and Leaf

Eek, run! Students will help Kate escape from the giants by constructing a getaway vehicle for her. Students will explore the importance of axles while creating their getaway car. They will also design their own sail to give an extra boost of wind power to help Kate get a head start.

Extension: Ready, Set, Jump!

On your mark, get set, jump! During this lesson, students will design and build a parachute to help Kate get down the beanstalk! After building the parachute, students will test their build to see which design is the most successful.

This lesson is from the program: Jr Aerospace Engineering (Taking to the Skies): Look Out Below! (link)

Where Does The Troll Live?

Today, students will be introduced to a book about three Billy Goats who travel over a bridge that is home to a sleepy Troll. The Billy Goats’ hooves make too much noise and can wake the Troll. In this lesson, students will examine attributes of a beam bridge and they will identify the importance of pillars to support it. Then, they will attempt to build a strong beam bridge using a variety of geometric shapes

Extension: Who’s Making All That Noise?

Shhh! The Billy Goats’ hooves are too loud and will wake the Troll! Students will explore the world of sound while they test a variety of materials to identify the best sound insulating material to cover the Billy Goats’ hooves while they cross the bridge so they will not wake the troll!

High and Dry

Fairy tale princesses are often housed in towers designed to keep them safe because they are tall and solid. These characteristics prove to be challenging for those who attempt to visit the princess and it helps keep them out unwanted visitors. Locked away in a tower, Rapunzel has become bored and lonely until a prince has found his way up the tower using her hair. In this lesson, students will explore geometric shapes to construct a secure tower for Rapunzel.

Extension: Knot Your Normal Ladder

Rapunzel’s mom has cut her hair, and now the prince needs to find a different way to get up the tower to visit her. In this lesson, students will explore the mechanics of knot tying and how force and friction work together to make a knot work. Then, students will construct their own smaller version of the knotted rope ladder that the prince created to help him visit Rapunzel in the tower.

Ding-Dong! Pizza Delivery!

Oh no! The princess needs a new wagon to expand her pizza delivery business. Students will design and construct their own delivery wagon for the princess to continue delivering pizzas. Then they will identify the purpose of different components of their covered wagon.

Extension: Order Up!

Who wants a piece of pizza? In this lesson, students will explore fractions while creating their own self made pizza, just like the princess in the story! Students will go through a step-by-step process to create and then cut their pizza into fourths

This lesson is from the program: Junior Chemical Engineering (Crazy Concoctions): Order Up! (link)

Smarter Than the Average Bear

Today, students will be introduced to a book about a girl who discovers a house of shapes. She is curious about what is inside the house and stays a little too long. Will she escape before Square comes home? In this lesson, students will explore the requirements for constructing a chair using index cards and masking tape. Students will also demonstrate how load distribution plays a role when constructing furniture.