Power and Energy

Former Name: The Engineering of Power & Energy

Camp | Grades PK-2

In the Power and Energy camp, join us as we look at ways to get things moving…no batteries required. In this camp, students explore the foundational concepts of potential and kinetic energy by building their very own toys. Additionally, students will explore natural power and energy sources such as falling water and the sun. Get ready for a shock in this energetic and engaging engineering experience!

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

In this activity, students will construct and operate a pulley delivery system for use in a simulated disaster situation. They should understand that simple machines are tools to make work easier, learn how to demonstrate the properties of inclined planes, and recognize some everyday objects as levers.

Paddleboats and Waterwheels

Students will design a waterwheel and modify the design to improve the tool’s performance. The activity is designed to help students investigate potential and kinetic energy, explore the use of paddlewheels in boat designs, and learn the concept of thrust as it relates to a boat’s forward movement through water.

Solar Power

Students will examine the effects of the sun’s rays on objects, create a design to protect and insulate object from the negative effects of excessive sun exposure, and explore the effects of the sun’s rays by creating photograms.

Wind-Up Whirligig

In this activity, students will discuss the role mechanical engineers play in toy design and creation and use Wind-Up Whirligig as a component in a game of soccer to help them understand that a wind-up toy uses kinetic and potential energy.

Boomerang Can

For this camp activity, students will explore the wonder of a different type of boomerang toy - a Boomerang Can! They will learn basic concepts of kinetic and potential energy as they create and investigate their own unique, magical toy