Pirate Academy

Former Name: Engineering of Pirates

Camp | Grades PK-2

Arg Matey! Come join Kelvin’s crew as we sail the ocean blue searching for buried treasure. Join us as students build their very own pirate ship, go fishing for treasure, and work together in Kelvin’s crew to create a delicious treat that is more precious than gold. Hop aboard the Green Ghost and set sail as we explore The Engineering of Pirates!

Does Your Boat Float?

In this activity, students explore the concepts of floating and sinking as they design a basic boat using aluminum foil designed to hold a certain number of pennies without sinking. Additionally, they will design a boat that is propelled by flowing water and modify their boat design to move in multiple directions.

Loading Cargo

Students will demonstrate the properties of pulleys and levers as they construct and operate a pulley delivery system to load supplies onto the pirate ship. The activity is designed to help them understand the way in which simple machines are tools to make work easier.

Sailing Away

In this activity, students construct a sailboat and test its effectiveness in the water against a current of air produced by an electric fan. They should observe how the addition of a sail can help a boat use the power of wind to move, testing various materials for a sail and selecting a material based on observations during testing.

Goin’ Fishin’

Students will examine ways commercial fishermen use nets to catch a lot of fish at one time and practice estimating the amounts of objects, comparing estimates to actual amounts. They will design a net that won’t catch endangered sea turtles but will still allow commercial fishermen to catch fish.

Diving For Treasure

For this camp activity, students will apply previous knowledge of material properties to create a Cartesian diver, designing a hook that allows their Cartesian diver to retrieve buried treasure. This activity allows them to explore the concept of buoyancy and understand that marine engineers design various tools to help us explore the ocean.