Medieval Defense

Former Name: The Engineering of Medieval Times

Camp | Grades PK-2

Do you have what it takes to defend your castle and maintain your family’s honor? If so, then don your armor and draw your sword for The Engineering of Medieval Times. In this camp, students build their very own castle and then work to defend it by engineering canons and catapults. Become a knight and join us on the question for glory and justice!

Build a Castle

In this activity, students will identify various examples of civil engineering in everyday medieval life and explore the field of civil engineering by creating a shelter for a toy figure. They should explore the key structural components of a home as they construct their own castle using Lego®.

Crossing the Moat

Students will identify structurally strong geometric shapes as they design and build a simple truss bridge that can support a heavy load. They will investigate how the construction of a bridge differs based on the bridge’s span and learn about the basic structure of two different bridge types: beam and truss.

Build a Boat

In this activity, students will explore the concepts of floating and sinking as they design a basic boat using aluminum foil designed to hold a certain number of pennies without sinking. They should explore the basic mechanics of canoe design and test designs to gather and interpret data.

Catapulting Marshmallows

In this activity, students will recognize and construct a basic catapult, learning a basic definition of torque and how it relates to the motion of a catapult.

Celebrate Victory!

For this camp activity, students will discuss the role mechanical engineers play in toy design and creation. They will identify familiar toys that are examples of mechanical engineers’ work and learn that the greater the force upon an object, the greater the change in motion. To conclude the week, they will build their own poppers full of confetti to launch in celebration of the kingdom’s success.