Camp Kelvin

Camp | Grades PK-2

Pack your bags and lace up your hiking boots engineers, because at Camp Kelvin, we are engineering designs to help us explore the great outdoors. Build a tent, design waterproof clothing, engineer your own survival pack and more! Join us for a week of fun and adventure where everyone goes home a happy camper!

Including chemical engineering, civil engineering, material engineering, energy, and optics

Day 1 - Survival Pack

Kelvin’s campers will begin this camp by creating their camp vests and creating their own survival kits. Our campers will find out all about the great outdoors, and what it takes to survive out there! Students will play the role of chemical engineers as they create their own insect repellant from scratch.

Day 2 - Tent Building

Well we’re packed with our survival kits and ready to start exploring the woods. However, there is still something missing...shelter. Today, we will look to nature for inspiration and work together to design a tent that will house all of the members of our group. Let’s get building engineers!

Day 3 - Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain is a peaceful sound in the forest and the forest plants and animals need rain to survive. Today, we’ll reverse engineer a rain stick and create our own design to simulate rain. Then, we’ll talk about protection from the rain and work as material engineers to test different fabrics to see which ones will be best for us to use when we build our very own ponchos.

Day 4 - Turn Up the Heat

Its time to Turn Up The Heat on Day 4 of Camp Kelvin. Students will construct a solar oven to roast their marshmallows instead of building a fire. Students will also create lanterns for use at night on their camping trip.

Day 5 - Going on a Bear Hunt

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt in the final Day of Camp Kelvin. Students will create a magnifying glass to observe tiny forest creatures as well as building a compass to find their way to our destination, the bear’s cave! Students will cap the week off by taking home their projects and vests.