Robotics Control

Program ● Robotics ● EV3 ● Grades 3-8

Robot Intelligence

Students will learn how to construct their base robot which will be used throughout the course. They will learn how to program their robots to complete basic tasks during this first lesson.

This lesson also appears in the following programs: 
  Robotics: Robotics 101 (link)
  Robotics: Envirobots (link)
  Robotics: DaVinci's Designs (link)

Arctic Exploration - PILOT

Students will add tank treads to their robot, and learn to control tank steering. They will use touch sensors to control each wheel and navigate a course while driving their robot.

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In this lesson, students will create a demolition robot, using the brick buttons to control robot actions. They will learn the basics of why operators are important and how humans and machines can interact.

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Indie Car Race

Students will learn to use a gyro sensor to steer their robot similar to how a car works. The students will then race their robots while controlling them with the sensor.

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Repairing a Levee

his lesson will introduce the concept of active control. Students will learn to actively control their robots with a touch sensor and motor and close a gap.

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Sensor Assistance

Students will approach a very advanced task in this lesson, driving with sensor assistance. They will learn how sensors may be used to provide an operator information and will attempt to drive a course blindfolded with sensors aiding them.

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