Robot Surgeons

Program ● Robotics ● EV3 ● Grades 3-8

Administering Aid

A patient is both highly contagious and has a weakened immune system. If you treat this patient you risk introducing them to a disease you carry or catching their disease yourself. Instead you play it safe and send in your sterile, immune robot to administer this patient’s medication.

Harmful Bacteria

A patient has become sick and it is now your duty to create a robot that can remove the harmful bacteria causing the sickness without disturbing the healthy cells in the patient’s body. The objective is to remove as much bacteria as fast as possible without destroying any good cells.

Medical Intern

Students will learn how to construct their base robot which will be used throughout the course. They will learn how to program their robots to complete basic tasks during this first lesson.


Students will build and program a robot that will remove some bad bacteria and administer medication.


During this lesson, students will design and program a robot to navigate a maze of arteries to reach a cancerous cluster. Time is of the essence…the cells will soon break up and spread throughout the body if the robot does not reach the mass quickly.

Setting a Bone

A patient has arrived at the hospital with a broken arm bone. A robot is needed to carefully set and repair the bone. By the end of class, students’ robots will be able to repair a bone seamlessly.