Rescue Robots

Program ● Robotics ● EV3 ● Grades 3-8


During the culminating lesson, students will use all the skills acquired in the previous five lessons to tackle the largest disaster of all. They will construct and program a robot designed to respond to an event of catastrophic proportions – an apocalypse!


During this rescue mission, students will design and program a robot specialized in snow rescue. This robot must quickly and efficiently rescue a stranded snow boarder following an avalanche. The faster the robot can complete the challenge, the more likely it is that the victim will survive.

Broken Bridge

A bridge has recently collapsed leaving many people stranded on an island. During this lesson, students will construct a robot capable of rebuilding the bridge as quickly and accurately as possible and then crossing it to test its strength and make its way toward the stranded victims.


Students will learn how to construct their base robot which will be used throughout the course. They will learn how to program their robots to complete basic tasks during this first lesson. The first task will be to navigate through a city destroyed by an earthquake.

Searching for Surviors

Having already programmed their robot to navigate through a city destroyed by an earthquake, students will now prepare their robot to save a stranded citizen from the earthquake rubble. Because time is critical in disaster situations, the team that can accomplish this challenge the fastest will win!

Stranded in the Woods

During this lesson, students need to design and program a robot to locate and rescue a stranded scout in the woods. In order to increase the chance of success, students must create a robot that uses a light sensor to recognize an established trail to reach the survivor.