Mission to Mars

Program ● Robotics ● EV3 ● Grades 3-8

Buried Treasure!

Students will navigate a maze of sea weed to find a sunken ship filled with treasure. This lesson will teach the students how to follow a line using the light sensor.

Crater Crossing

Mars is covered in deep trenches. With this in mind, students need to navigate their robot carefully over rough terrain. This lesson will explore how to bridge the gap and deliver a shipment of cargo to a drop site.

Launched into Space

Launching a robot into space takes precision as the rover has to fly an extraordinary distance before arriving at its destination. Students will use their robots to launch a mini rover into space during this lesson.

Mars Rover

Students will learn how to construct their base robot which will be used throughout the course. They will learn how to program their robots to complete basic tasks during this first lesson.

Mini Submarine

This lesson will require students to use the third motor to grasp and position a miniature submarine. Students will learn how to build with and program the third motor to accomplish a precise task.

Oil Platform Restock

Students will program their robot to deliver a box of supplies out to an oil platform. They will learn how to creatively transport their supplies and program their robot to function in the most effective way.

Oil Spill!

During this lesson, students will program their robot to repair a broken pipeline. This exercise will help students realize the way engineers program and utilize robots to perform dangerous tasks.

Race to Water

Water is essential for life. The students’ robots will race to find water by collecting soil samples. The first team to find water and bring it back to base will win a huge victory for mankind.

Remote Control Rover

The majority of the time the robots will need to navigate on their own. Occasionally, team members might need to control them from back home. In this lesson, students will learn how to remotely control their robot.

Run for Cover

Having arrived at Mars, the students’ rovers need to navigate and find a safe cover. Students will learn how to program their robots to roam the planet safely until they find a suitable place for shelter.