Program ● Robotics ● EV3 ● Grades 3-8

Robot Intelligence

Students will learn how to construct their base robot which will be used throughout the course. They will learn how to program their robots to complete basic tasks during this first lesson.

This lesson also appears in the following programs: 
  Robotics: Robotics 101 (link)
  Robotics: DaVinci's Designs (link)
  Robotics: Robotic Control (link)

Mighty Mining

In this lesson, students will learn to design a mechanical solution for filtering objects. They will program their robots to use the attachment and remove only what is needed.

Nuclear Nuisance

Students will be introduced to the concept of using robots for handling hazardous materials. They will design and build a robot to simulate lowering a package of radioactive waste into a containment area.

Rapid Recycle

In this lesson, students will learn about recycling and automated sorting. They will design and program their robot to sort out different colored objects representing trash and recycling.

Smart Food Miles

This lesson will have students build a robot for collection, reinforcing the concept of efficiency in logistics. They will also learn how to use advanced programming modules to record information in their robot.

Solar Roller

In this lesson, students will utilize the color sensor to pick up ambient light. They will learn about solar energy and managing stored energy. Their robot will be programmed to be efficient in reaching a goal, simulating how a solar powered robot might act.