Minecraft Creations

Technology & Coding ● 3D Printing ● Grades 3-8

3D printing and Minecraft both represent boundless opportunity for creating even our wildest of ideas! In 3D Printing: Minecraft Creations, students will explore the basic concepts of 3D printing and computer-aided design, or CAD, to bring their most awesome Minecraft creation to life! Students will take their Minecraft design out of the world of Minecraft and learn how to extrude it into a 3D model that can then be modified to be printed in 3D.

3D printing is a fun, exciting new world where design has married technology to produce a fascinating array of possibilities that are truly changing the world in myriad ways. From revolutionizing the hobbyist’s ability to quickly bring their ideas to life, to launching a new industrial revolution in how materials are manufactured, and stimulating the migration of large material manufacturers from the creation and stocking of tangible materials, to instead focusing on the creation and dissemination of designs for materials. 3D printing is a boundless new realm for engineers in every possible discipline, and we are excited to begin this journey with our students!

It’s a Little Out There

Students will explore how 3D printers work and how 3D designs are created. They will use 3Doodler® pens to illustrate the basic concepts of taking an object from 2D to 3D.

Extension: 3Doodling Your Tools

In this extension, students will create a version of a Minecraft tool using the 3Doodler®.

Master Level Extension: Even More Out There

This master level extension will give master level students the opportunity to explore a more in-depth illustration of the differences between a 2D object and a 3D object by using the 3D coordinate plane.

Mastering The Tinkerverse!

The most important part of 3D printing something is creating an electronic 3D model of the object to be printed. To create an electronic 3D model that can be printed by a 3D printer, students will use an online computer-assisted design program called Tinkercad.

Extension: 3Doodling The Minecraft Mobs

The 3Doodler® pen will be used to create a version of a Minecraft Mob’s face.

To A Deeper Level

Students will explore the concepts of rotation, scaling, and translating an object inside the virtual world of Tinkercad to create more complex 3D designs while assembling a submarine.

Extension: 3Doodle Your Minecraft Character

Students will use the 3Doodler® pen to create an articulated Minecraft figure.

Let’s Get Primitive

Students will explore the concepts of basic shapes that are used to make up everyday objects all around us, and apply those concepts in Tinkercad to create a crazy alien!

Extension: 3Doodling The Minecraft World

Students will 3Doodle® a Minecraft block and assemble it to create an example of the Minecraft World.

Pushmi-Pullyu Around

Students will explore a new tool in Tinkercad: the extrusion tool. This tool allows much more creativity in their designs and opens up even more design possibilities.

Extension: 3Doodling Minecraft Animals

Students will use the 3Doodler® pen to a mini example of a Minecraft animal.

Creepers Gonna Creep

Students will design a bobble head in Tinkercad that is based on their favorite Minecraft character!

Extension: 3Doodle Your Minecraft Bobble Head

This extension will give students the opportunity to put their 3Doodling abilities to the test by creating a Minecraft character bobble head.