Theme Park Mania

Java Minecraft

Camp | Grades 3-8

This camp will have students build their very own Minecraft amusement parks! Students will have to navigate a number of engineering and teamwork challenges to do so. Students will draft blueprints and plans for their parks on paper before beginning to create it in Minecraft to make it as much like the process of designing a real amusement park as possible.

Some examples of engineering in action at an amusement park are:

  • Concepts from Civil Engineering are used to plan out walkways and the layout of the park to ensure that guests are able to navigate park without getting lost.
  • Concepts from Mechanical Engineering are used in the design of roller coasters and other attractions to ensure that roller coasters are able to complete full circuits without getting stuck and that the motors used to drive these rides will be strong enough and operate for as long as possible before having to be replaced.
  • Concepts from Electrical Engineering are used to design and create the control systems that run roller coaster and attractions as well as the powerlines that would be needed to power everything in the park.

The Theme Park Mania Minecraft Class curriculum is designed to introduce students to the concepts of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and the Engineering Design Process. Students will design simulation roller coasters and other amusement park attractions in Minecraft making them run as autonomously as possible.

Intro to Minecraft and Redstone

This lesson is an introduction to Creative Mode in Minecraft that includes practice flying and building as well as an introduction to the mechanics of Redstone. This lessons also includes an example of various amusement park rides made in Minecraft.

Minecarts and City Planning

This lesson begins with a Minecraft world focused on introducing the basics of Minecarts and Tracks. Students will also begin planning their parks by brainstorming a theme for their park and sketching a preliminary map of their park.

Mapping the Magic

In this lesson, students will work to finalize their amusement park maps and begin to create their parks in Minecraft. Students will focus on the layout, the pathway, and the signage of their park.

All Systems, Go!

This lesson is focused almost entirely on students building their parks. Teams will divide tasks among themselves making sure that work is evenly distributed and that everyone enjoys what they are working on. Ideally, students will also test their parks for the first time by the end of class.

Field Day!

In this lesson, students will finish their parks and have a final round of testing their own parks before teams will test each other's parks and rate them on a number of categories.