The Engineering of Food

Camp | Grades 3-8

In The Engineering of Food, students will explore industrial and mechanical engineering. They will explore production, quality control, packaging design, and logistics in developing the best candy company.

Everyone has to eat, and engineers are involved in all the steps of getting food from a farm to your table. Engineers help figure out how to make food, how to package it, and how to deliver it to your table. During this camp, students will form a team to work as a sweets company, making tasty treats such as ice cream and cookies while competing against their classmates. They will engineer the best solutions possible each day to beat their opponent companies to earn extra sweets for being the winning company of the day. At the end of the week, the best sweets company will be awarded the Engineering For Kids Baker’s Choice Award, and students will be able to take home the sweets they earned during the week.

Candy Company Startup

In this activity, students will learn the procedure to make a mixture, create their own mixture, and assess and improve their candy mixture.

Cookie Cutter

Students will explore different ways of reducing waste in production, design a system to cut cookie shapes quickly and accurately, and evaluate the quality of their final product.

Safe Packaging

Students will learn how potential and kinetic energy relate to the motion of objects, explore effective packaging, and design and build an efficient and durable package with limited materials.

Dessert Delivery

Students will design a truck that can carry as much candy as possible with limited materials and work cooperatively to develop a system for delivering orders quickly and efficiently. They will use experience and observations to improve a process and adjust a process to accommodate specific limitations and customer demands.

Expanding Production

Students will complete a procedure to make a product, design their own assembly line, and discuss the benefits and challenges of assembly lines