Survivor Week

Engineer's Cove

Camp | Grades 3-8

Welcome to Survivor: Engineer’s Cove! Students in this five-day camp will find themselves stranded on an abandoned island filled with perilous obstacles – dark caves, wild animals, cold temperatures, little food, and separation from the comforts of home . They will work collaboratively with their tribe members to compete against other tribes in specific engineering-related projects aimed at trying to survive the harsh island conditions and escape to their freedom. The tribe with the most points at the end of the week will claim the honor of Survivor: Engineer’s Cove winner.

During this interactive and competitive camp, students will explore the fields of electrical engineering, environmental engineering, aerospace engineering, and marine engineering as they design and construct tools that will help them survive and eventually escape the island.

Flashlight Builder

In this activity, students will learn the inner workings of a flashlight and collaborate to create their own flashlights.

Insulation Panic

Students will develop the most effective insulator for a bottle of water. They will experiment with different insulators and record data to understand how insulation can be used to prevent the loss of heat energy.

Extension: Insulation Panic Math Extension

In this lesson extension, students will record the findings from their first insulation design and answer questions about their results.

Electric Magnet

Students will build a functional electric magnet that is able to retrieve paper clip “keys” from inside a locked box. They will understand that electric current creates a magnetic field, explore how an electromagnet is made, investigate ways to change the strength of an electromagnet, and understand several items that engineers have designed using electromagnets.


Students will design and build a parachute that land at a specific location in exactly three seconds. They should understand how design features such as size, shape, weight, and function affect the performance of a parachute, and understand real world uses of parachutes and how they are important safety devices.

Extension: Parachutes Math Extension

Students will plot the diameter and length of cord used for each trial run and answer questions about their graph.


Students will build a functional powerboat, exploring proper weight distribution on a small watercraft. They will learn to build a simple electrical circuit to accomplish a specific task, understand one example of the real-world effects of aerodynamics, and understand the difference between a fan boat and a typical powerboat.