Momentum Madness

Camp | Grades 3-8

Zero to sixty in two seconds?! How fast can an object go without compromising safety? Students in this camp will work with their Pit Crew to design and build vehicles, such as dragsters and hovering levitrons, which should able to withstand astonishing speeds. Fasten your seat belt, the race has begun!

During the Momentum Madness camp, students will explore four fields of engineering: industrial, electrical, mechanical, and aerospace. They will design and construct vehicles and safety mechanisms that will achieve the fastest speeds while still maintaining safe racing conditions.

Collision Challenge

In this activity, students will learn about the strength of materials and how they can be used to their advantage, explore gravity and how it affects vehicles, and investigate the concept of inertia.


Students will acquire an understanding of magnetic concepts, differentiate between the north and south side of a magnet, and explore how to reduce friction on a moving vehicle.

Zip Sails

Students will explore various sail shapes and materials before creating an aerodynamic sail. They will test and refine their designs before competing for the fastest time.

Extension: Zip Sails Math Extension

For this math extension, students will sketch ideas for their sail design on graph paper provided and answer worksheet questions

Racecars: Dragsters And Balloon-Powered Cars

Students will design and build a car without a conventional motor, and understand some difficulties of building a dragster

Airplanes and Ornithopters

Students will understand the forces of lift, thrust, gravity, and drag, and how they relate to aerodynamics, and learn Bernoulli’s Principle. They will design a paper airplane that will travel the farthest distance in the fastest time.