Medieval Mayhem

Camp | Grades 3-8

In medieval times, there were a huge number of engineering innovations. Crossbows, drawbridges, towers, cranes, the compass, and more were invented during those times. The lands then were ruled by feudal courts in a castle, with each castle having a great deal of land around it that was ruled by the lords and ladies of the castle. Because owning land meant more power, many lords and ladies went to battle with other lords and ladies, trying to take their castle and control their land. This led to many incredible devices being engineered, such as catapults. Students will be split into groups forming their own feudal court of lords and ladies. They will try to beat out the other teams in various challenges to show their prowess and be crowned kings and queens of the land with the Engineering for Kids

In Engineering of Medieval Times, students will explore mechanical and civil engineering. They will build infrastructure for their lands including bridges and towers, construct catapults to lay siege to others, and take part in jousting games.

Castle Construction

In this activity, students will learn about strengths of materials and how they can be used in designs to gain an advantage, understand the importance of incorporating balance into their designs, and realize that various materials can change a design’s strength properties.

Marshmallow Draw Bridges

Students will identify strong and weak points on their model bridges, understand how different forces affect structures, and design their own pulley system for a drawbridge.

It’s A Breeze

Students will understand the history of wind power and its importance in ancient civilizations, investigate basic mechanics of windmills and how energy is transferred from one system to another, and apply their knowledge of airfoils and wind resistance to the design of blades that will be affixed to the windmill.

Candy Catapults

Students will explore how tension relates to the launching of projectiles from a catapult and d demonstrate the difference between an accurate launch and a precise launch. They will represent real-world challenges by graphing points on a coordinate plane, and interpret coordinate values of points in the context of the situation.

Egg Car Joust

Students will learn about the strength of materials and how they can be used to their advantage, explore gravity and how it affects vehicles, and investigate the concept of inertia.