Medieval Machinations

Camp | Grades 3-8

MinecraftEDU is an expansive game that lets players design and create unique worlds with amazing structures. One of the more complicated aspects of MinecraftEDU is Redstone, which is MinecraftEDU’s version of electrical circuitry. This class will introduce students to the many uses of Redstone through a Medieval themed adventure of creation, exploration, and castle besieging, with students making mine cart tracks to help them gather resources, working together to build their kingdom, and designing traps to defend their castle, all with the use of Redstone.

Minecraft Survival

In order for students to survive in Minecraft, they must know the basics of movement, mining, building, crafting, and perhaps the most important of all, teamwork. Students will work together to overcome obstacles, gather resources and solve problems, all while learning the basics of Redstone.

Extension: Redstone

This extension will expand on many redstone concepts requiring students to learn and work together as a team to solve redstone related puzzles and advance from room to room.

Village Defense

Students will split into teams and use the Engineering Design Process to protect a small coastal village from a pirate attack. Students will learn about sensors and automation and will use those concepts to make their redstone defenses better and safer for the people of their village.

Build the Castle

Students will work in teams to design and build their own castle. Teams will need to plan ahead, draw up blueprints, and plan out their individual tasks so they can most efficiently work as a team.

Extension: Light The Castle

Teams will design and build a system of lights for their castle that can be turned on and off with a switch using redstone. Teams will plan their designs as well as planning the tasks of each team member.

Doors and Drawbridges

Students will expand on their castle, by using redstone and pistons to create automatic doors and drawbridges to their castles. Students will learning about the differences and the added complexities when dealing with mechatronics, instead of more traditional engineering.

Minecart Tutorial

Students will learn to use minecarts, hoppers, and redstone comparators to ease the transportation of themselves and the resources that they gather.

Extension: Minecarts in the Castle World

Students will further expand on their castles by connecting their castles to neighboring settlements using minecart tracks.

TNT Cannon Tutorial

Students will learn about forces, vectors and parabolic motion as they construct and fire TNT cannons.

Extension: Defend the Castle

Students will return to their castle world one final time to defend it from a pirate attack using TNT Cannons and the new resources acquire by trading with the other settlements.