Kodu Kart Racing

Technology & Coding ● 3D Game Design

Camp | Grades 3-8

Race to the finish and create your own racing game in Microsoft’s Kodu gaming environment. From terrain design to enemy selection, students are placed at the wheel and given full control to design their own video game while exploring the foundations of coding. Kick your creativity in gear with KoduKart Racing. (not compatible with Mac or Linux)

Please Note: These lessons are not stand alone lessons and must be completed in order, as Lesson 1 builds to Lesson 2 and so on.

Day 1: Kodu Crash Course

We’re going to jump right in an get started developing our very own Kart Racing Game. Just like any great software engineer, we’ll need to develop a plan to build our game and make sure that we fully understand the capabilities of the platform. Today, we’ll get a crash course on developing and programming a video game inside the Kodu Game lab . We’ll conclude our first day by planning out all three of our kart racing tracks and building up the first track inside Kodu.

Day 2: Start Your Engines!

Get ready to start your engines in the 2nd day of Kodu Kart Racing! In today’s lesson, we will focus on the behavior of objects and characters within the Kodu world we created yesterday. We have used Kodu to create our first world, complete with hills, valleys and a race track; now it is time to put some carts onto our track and program them to race to the finish line. To win, we will also utilize power-ups in our game to make the game more fun!

Day 3: Wild Carts

In Wild Carts, students will finish adding power-ups to their first track, as well as adding projectiles to their racer’s arsenal. Once the first sets of games have been completed, students will play each others games and brainstorm features they could possibly add in future versions. When the brainstorming is complete, students will design and build their second track in a desert setting.

Day 4: Road Test

For the Road Test lesson, students will program their second track to include various power- ups, hazards and projectiles. Students will be able to change the settings of their game to make their game unique. After a round of beta testing and discussion, students will begin to design and program an expert track.

Day 5: The Final Lap

For the Final Lap lesson, students will finish building an expert level track. We will program the computers cycle to be faster than ours, so we must use our engineering know-how to find a way to beat the computer to the finish line! Students will get a chance to try and beat other player’s tracks, and the creator of the most challenging track will be declared this week’s Kodu Master! At the end of class, all games will be exported for play at home.