Heroes Week

Camp | Grades 3-8

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Heroes Week! Students will join other engineers their age as they seek ways to protect the world and save mankind in the process. They will join a league of heroes and will compete against other leagues by performing engineering-related challenges, such as saving an ecosystem from a potentially lethal oil spill. Only one group will end the week as the ultimate league of super heroes!

During Heroes Week, students will explore the fields of environmental engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering as they design and construct tools that will help them protect the world, as all good superheroes do.

Soda Ring Challenge

In this activity, students will use the engineering design process to solve a problem, understand how to change the impact of man-made objects on the environment, and apply critical thinking skills to solve a challenge.

Slick Solutions

Students will understand the interactions between oil and the environment as the result of an accidental spill or other disaster, define the terms containment and recovery as they relate to oil spills, discuss methods for containing oil spills and recovering as much oil as possible while doing minimal harm to the environment, and discuss ways in which society can reduce its oil dependency so the frequency of oil spills declines in the future.

Extension: Slick Solutions Budget Math Extension

In this extension to Slick Solutions, students will chart their expenses to calculate a “total cost” for their Slick Solutions activity.

Notecard Bridge

Students will identify potential strong and weak points on their bridges, complete a task with a limited amount of materials, and plan an effective design and execute it with a high degree of precision.

Extension: Notecard Bridge Math Extension

In this extension to Notecard Bridge, students will answer worksheet questions about their notecard bridges.

Eggstreme Drop

Students will learn how potential and kinetic energy relate to the motion of objects, explore effective packaging, and learn how to recognize the difference between minimal and excessive packaging.

Extension: Eggstreme Drop Math Extension

For this math extension, students will survey each other about their designs and answer questions about the results.

Wind Turbine

Students will explore ways to convert wind energy into another form of usable energy, build an efficient windmill model, and investigate the process behind the generation of electricity.