Building Cities

Former Name: The Engineering of Cities

Camp | Grades 3-8

In Building Cities Camp, students will explore civil, electrical, industrial, and environmental engineering. They will explore energy production, filtering of water filtration, and building structures

Cities are incredible feats of engineering. Giant skyscrapers made of steel and glass soars thousands of feet into the air. Cities began to form when farmers were able to make more food than they could eat, allowing other people to take up trades. Ancient cities were built to bring people together for protection, to promote trade, and improve efficiency. Over time, centralizing government, having art and culture centers, and bringing industries together to improve productivity all became key in development of cities. While many cities have developed over hundreds or even thousands of years, in modern times some cities, like Songdo in South Korea, are being built from the ground up in a very short time. Students will take up the role of a team of city planners, looking to design the best city in the world from the ground up.

Mining Mountains

Students will use cookies to explore the environmental risks associated with mining, devise ways to reduce environmental impact on the area surrounding a mine, and explore the need for environmental engineers to work with the mining industry to reduce environmental impact.

Natural Filtration

Students will discuss the importance of clean freshwater for everyday life, examine the steps of the Earth’s water cycle, and investigate the layers of the earth and tell how they naturally filter the world’s water supply

Bridge the Gap

Students will design a bridge to meet design specifications using limited materials, use basic drafting tools to create an effective bridge design, and analyze how different geometries support loads.

Wind Turbine

Students will explore ways to convert wind energy into another form of usable energy, build an efficient windmill model, and investigate the process behind the generation of electricity.

Sweet Skyscrapers

Students will understand the problems engineers face when designing tall buildings, analyze weak points in a building’s structure and devise solutions to these problems, and discuss how cross-bracing affects a building’s integrity.